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2/19/18 - Ray took a picture of Vic when they went to visit Walt.  See "Photos over the Years"..  Photo of The Conga Line added to "Our 40th Reunion".

2/7/18 - Announcement from Jon: Volunteers Needed!
    Steve has been working on locating our classmates for months. I believe he used three fee based "finder" sources and coordinated with Mercy’s records to find the right people who are actually our classmates. Most recently he found that Bob Fox passed away. At this time it appears that, thanks to Steve's amazing efforts, only six of our classmates are truly “lost”. So the "finding" phase of our 50th reunion is done. Now we need volunteers to call classmates to notify them of the date of our reunion, and to encourage them to join our website.
    So far only 46 classmates have registered on the website. The names of the classmates who have not registered appear on the “Missing Classmates" list. 14 of our classmates have passed on and 6 have not been located, so that means that there are approximately 64 eligible registrants who have not joined.
We have pestered some already via telephone and e-mail, and will start to pester some more. As you can imagine making that many calls is very time consuming. We need volunteers! If interested contact us via the website. Ray Kreiger has helped and has coxed some classmates to join; thanks very much, Ray. Ideally we’d like the “missing “ list to be significantly reduced. Soon decisions must be made about the reunion event itself, notifications and updates will be sent vo registrants via this website, etc., so an accurate and complete list is very important.
     All help that any of you can give in getting classmates registered on this website would be very much appreciated. 


2/1/18 - We learned that classmate Bob Fox passed away in 1994 and added his name to "In Memory" section.


1/27/18 - repost of notice previously posted but perhaps "lost" at the bottom of our website's Home Page

For those who are not aware of it, our classmate Walter Bonczyk suffered from a major stroke in 2015, which left him paralyzed on his left side.  This was particularly unfortunate since he is left-handed.  He only gets out of the house for medical appointments and church, weather permitting.  He is looking forward to the reunion with enthusiasm and would enjoy receiving cards from well-wishers.  If anyone would like to send him a card or letter, he would be happy to hear from you.

His address is:

321 Marcy Avenue

Riverhead, NY  11901

Per his profile on this website, he can also take calls to his cell phone.  That number is (631) 816-8594.


1/28/18 - looking for photos, videos, etc. from our Mercy years, graduation pics, prom pics, 20th reunion, 40th reunion, "Mercy Cruise" and whatever from over the years.  If you have them, please send them to Steve at or Jon at We hope to make this website come alive and generate enthusiasm!