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3.Married? Partnered? to whom? When? How long? Kids? widowed
What's your favorite memory of MHS? The Twomey class clowns
Did you ever skip sclasses or school days? If so, to do what? Smoke cigarettes and eat twizzlers
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I remember Sister Cleophas who we could hardly understand...latin was bad enough...asking "Does everbody understand?" and then turning back to the blackboard without waiting for an answer. Sister Jeremiah lost it when Joe Twomey brought a mouse into the classroom and let it run loose. Then there was another time when Joe told us to turn all our desks around facing the opposite direction, so that when Sister Jeremiah came into the room she would be confused. Sister James asked us "Is everything all right in
Kokomo?", whatever that was supposed to mean. Sister Concilio said to someone in the class who wasn't paying attention, "Your ears don't lap".
Senior retreat at Shelter Island was a great experience.

High School Story

Some of the nuns were wonderful people. Most of them, actually. There were a couple of wack jobs though. Father Steiger, who we had in Senior religion class, told us we were going to hell for just about everything, unless we got to confession first. That stayed with me for a long time. I stopped going to church right after I graduated high school and went into the city for school. I actually believed that something bad was going to happen to me the first time that I didn't go to Mass. I have no respect for the Catholic Church. They are all about control and money, and are the richest organization in the world. I have 3 sisters and we all went to Mercy High School, and NONE of us go to church anymore. We did, however, turn into responsible, moral people.

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I am very impressed with your career choice, and it is too bad we won't see you at the reunion. You look great!

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